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Hi there! I'm a game programmer based out of Toronto, ON. Here you will find my professional work, a few personal projects and some prototypes. Thanks for stopping by!

What am I up to?

I'm currently leading the development of an application using the Unity Engine at The University of Toronto, together we're developing an educational game that will assist students in furthering their understanding of the human metabolism. This has not only been a lesson on how humans work (at the cellular level anyway) but how they interact with systems, it's constantly challenging my perception of "what's intuitive" for users and how invaluable the proper communication of ideas can be.

More About Me

I began programming in my undergrad, after finishing my business degree I decided that I needed to find a way to pair my collaborative nature and strong communication skills with my passion for creating games and applications. Since then, I've continued to strengthen my skills as a programmer and leader.

My Top Skills

Some of my Recent Projects


Sugar Scramble

Sugar Scramble is an educational game I'm developing with The University of Toronto with the purpose of helping students improve their understanding of the human metabolism

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SB Engine

This is a custom game engine developed in c++ with OpenGL, this project is serving as a capstone for Game Programming at Humber College and is constantly pushing my understanding of programming.

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